Bring Your Character to Life—the Contest by Tvori and Oculus Medium
October 3, 2018

#TvoriMediumTime Winners
The judges voted and we are happy to share the results!
1st place—Sterling Osment with Captain Blue Screen
2nd place—Kevin Ang with Saudade: Lovesong & Eli Rodriguez with Meowzer
3rd place—Samantha Luck with Tea Party & Boulder Haze with Osteopathy
Contest General Description

We are happy to invite artists to participate in the contest organized by Tvoriwith Oculus Medium. We see a huge potential in combining the VR tools in your creation pipeline and would be happy to see your artworks with the following hashtag in the social media #TvoriMediumTime.

#TvoriMediumTime is the contest where you are invited to sculpt a character in Oculus Medium and animate it in Tvori. Create whatever you like—a short story, funny dance or any other animation which comes to your mind. Make a video using a virtual camera in Tvori and post it on our Facebook page (as a comment to this post). The contest starts on today and ends on November 4th (12 pm PT).
1. Submissions must be made using Medium for sculpting, Tvori for animation and scene creation, and any software for character skinning and video editing.
2. Submit 1 video from 10 up to 120 seconds of your final animation.
3. Videos must be taken with Tvori camera tool (you can use additional SW tools for editing, soundtracks and post effects).
4. One entry per participant, per challenge.
5. Participant must be 18 years or older.

Judging Criteria
We trust our jury board members to select the best submissions (1, 2 and 3rd places). We welcome your creativity and fantasy.
And we are very happy to have these recognized community members as experts in our jury board!

- Ryan Harwell, Director of VR Lab & Digital Development / Cartoon Network Studios;
- Timoni West, Director/ XR Research at Unity Technologies;
- Jeremy Casper, Co-Director and Faculty, Los Angeles Film Studies Center and Producer/Director WCEN Pictures, Jeremy is also a powerful user of Tvori and Oculus Medium,
- Kelli Townley, Project Manager and Executive Producer of Medium;
and team members of Tvori.

1.Post your video (10—120 seconds) on the contest official page on Facebook.
2. Due before November 4th 12 pm PT.

You can use the following hashtags to highlight your artworks in social media: #TvoriMediumTime #Tvori #OculusMedium.

1st prize – Amazon gift card (100 USD)
2nd prize – Amazon gift card (50 USD)
3rd prize – Amazon gift card (40 USD)
The creation workflow might look as follows
1. Sculpt your character in Oculus Medium and export it as a mesh.
2. Import that character/s in Tvori.
3. Animate your character in real-time or with keyframes.
4. Setup a virtual camera.
5. Save a video from the camera.
6. Post a video as a comment to this Facebook post.

Hints on preparing your character for animation in Tvori
Approach 1: Make a character out of one solid Medium sculpt—basically a figure without movable parts.
Approach 2: Simple Humanoid. Customize Puppet with facial features and body parts sculpted in Medium.
Approach 3: Non-humanoid. Separate your's sculpt on body parts, and link them together in Tvori.
Approach 4. Advanced Humanoid like this one. Replace all the Puppet's body parts with your own sculpts.
Approach 5. Any kind of character. Create a skinned mesh by sculpting in Medium and skinning somewhere else.

Are there more approaches? Then share with us!

Helpful links
Medium Tutorials.
Tvori tutorials.
Tvori features.
Tvori support (including video streams on rigging and animation).

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