#TvoriChristmasTime—Make Your Christmas Dreams Come True!
December 2nd, 2018
Announcing winners of #TvoriMediumTime
Judges voted and we are glad to share the results of #TvoriChristmasTime! It was very challenging for our jury board to select just three projects from such a great variety of submissions!
Congratulations and thank you to winners and all participants!

Enjoy this trailer with results announcement!
1st place: Nils Folker
2nd place: Sean Rodrigo
3rd place: Kevin Ang
Contest general description
We are happy to invite everyone to participate in #TvoriChristmasTime contest!
We would love this contest to be fun for creators and the community. You are welcome to share animated videos which reflect the spirit of the wonderful Christmas season, but we don't really want to limit your imagination!

#TvoriChristmasTime starts TODAY, December 3rd 2018, and submission deadline is Sunday, December 24th 2018, 11pm PST
1. You should use Tvori as an animation tool. You can combine it with other tools if you wish.
2. We do not limit the number of submissions per person.
3. Videos must be taken with Tvori camera tool (you can use additional SW tools for editing, soundtracks and post effects).
4. You can export your video as Full HD 2D video or 360 video. This is how to export https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5N_m_6o1NlI
5. Participant must be 18 years or older.

Judging Criteria
We trust our jury board members to select the best submissions (1, 2 and 3rd places). We welcome your creativity and fantasy.
And we are very happy to have these recognized community members as experts in our jury board!
- Tipatat Chennavasin, General Partner, The Venture Reality Fund
- Jamie Feltham, Author at UploadVR
- Mike Morris, Storyboard Artist and Revisionist on DuckTales at Disney ABC Television Group
- Jean Thoren, Publisher/President, Animation Magazine
- Estella Tse, Virtual Reality Artist and Designer, Artist in Residence with Google and Adobe


1.Post your video in social media (FB, twitter, Instagram) with #TvoriChristmasTime hashtag or as a comment to the FB post with contest announcement
2. Due before December 24th 2018, 11pm PT.

1st prize – Amazon gift card (100 USD)
2nd prize – Amazon gift card (60 USD)
3rd prize – Amazon gift card (40 USD)
Some basic hints:
1. This is how to animate in real-time or with keyframes.
2. This is how to import stuff in Tvori.
3. This is how to use Google Poly to quickly build your scene
4. Setup a virtual camera.
5. Save a video from the camera.

Helpful links
Tvori tutorials.
Tvori features.
Tvori blog.
Tvori support (including video streams on rigging and animation).

Enjoy creation process and share your sweet anticipation of the coming Christmas and New Year!
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