New Timeline
Simple, yet powerful
Play and animate in Tvori with the timeline. You can use the timeline freely whether you're an animator, artist, film director, designer, producer or a teacher. The timeline is straightforward and suitable for both animators and people without any background in animation.

We built the timeline based on the needs of people in studios and of individual creators. Our close partnership with Cartoon Network, Dreamworks, and ... allowed us to build the timeline that is simple, yet powerful to ideate, make the first creative steps, iterate quickly, and get stuff done all in VR.

People use the timeline to create storyboards, animatics, previz, prototypes of XR experiences and complete animated films all in VR.

<composed videos playing automatically: high-fidelity (Journey, Lighning); art (something weird); Storyboard/Animatic/Prototype>
You can create high-fidelity animations as well as quick and dirty animated prototypes.

You can start using the timeline right away even if you haven't animated anything in your life before. Make first steps with our interactive tutorial, take a look at examples, come up with what you want to animate and learn as you go by experimenting and looking in our user guide<links>. Have fun and get stuff done.
Use cases
<links with short preview videos playing automatically>
Storyboard <new in-house animatic>
Animatic <either Avengers by Pasha or something new>
Animated UI Prototype <something simple but effective>
Art <something weird, we have that :-)>
Full animated film <Jeremy's or Sterlings>
Animate in real-time and with keyframes <video>
Edit timing of clips, set loops <video>
Select multiple keyframes and delete or retime <video>
Hide objects and characters on particular time periods <video>
Edit cameras and VR viewers <video>
The timeline works in three modes. The first mode is for playing animations, the second for editing animation clips and recording animations in real-time, and the third mode is for editing keyframes.
Playing animations
Editing animation clips and recording animations in real-time
Cameras and VR viewers
You can also edit cameras and VR viewers in Pro version of Tvori as well as preview image from cameras on a playback screen.
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