• Allow recording realtime animation for camera and light projector sliders
  • You can now teleport to parts of the imported character's bones from the animation tracks submenu
  • Improved logic of copy/paste animation between the animation tracks
  • Allow fullbody realtime animation recording for a imported characters
  • Single object exporting to fbx improvements
  • The new default scene
  • Improved logic for Viewer tool
  • Allow removing all track's keys from the animation track submenu
  • You can control error notification system through 2d setting menu and choose most convenient notification mode.

Fixed in the last 2 weeks:
  • Fixes for animation curves and undo/redo commands
  • Fixes for realtime animation and undo/redo commands
  • Fixes for keys on the timeline retiming and undo/redo commands
  • Improved stability, variety of different other fixes
  • Skinned mesh import and bone's context menu commands fixes

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