Tvori Update—Models, Photos, Videos, Context Menu, and more
June 2018
After a big recent update on Steam and release on Oculus store and Vivepor, we've been working hard to fix some annoying bugs and further polish available features. We couldn't resist our desire to add a couple of new features, so we did that as well. You can now import videos in Tvori and place them on your scene for reference and more.

Here's what has been improved
Import of videos. You can import videos now! Put videos on scenes and use them as references when animating. Videos are synced with the timeline, so they will play along with your animations.
Photos on scenes. Photos made with cameras could be accessed through the import shelf and saved on a scene.
Undo/Redo buttons. They're now accessible at all times on controllers. To undo Up/Down on Oculus's Stick or Swipe Left/Right on Vive's Touchpad.
Context menu. It supports sub-menus now. For example, to change a material, open a context menu (press A/X button on Oculus Touch or Touchpad on Vive), then press Set Material->Unlit.
Object Linking is improved. To link an object to another object, call the context menu, press and hold on "Link to" button and move the controller a target object.
Import shelf. Improved the way how files and folders are monitoring and updating.
—Improved selection when working with grouped objects.
—Fixed the bug that prevented imported models from loading on the scenes.
—The screen is now fading in when something is loading.
—And other minor fixes and improvements.

Animation. In the upcoming updates, we plan to improve the process of animation. We've got a large list with bugs, interface improvements, and functionality requests.
Scene creation. We are working on new functionality and tweaks that are going to make scene creation more comfortable.
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