Update with UI Icons Pack for Tvori Pro
Use this library of assets in your own creations
May 26, 2020
We are glad to welcome you to the new example scene with a pack of assets that you can use in your own projects.
You can modify this scene or transfer the assets you like to your own scene using
the Transit Tool (avaible in Pro)
Once you save to a new scene, all icons will appear on a shelf in the Import / Icons folder.
Or you can transfer these assets with a Transit shelf, they will appear on a shelf in the Import / Icons folder
Text Tool update
You can now call the keyboard by clicking the settings button on top of the text tool instead of opening a context menu and selecting Edit Text.
Other improvements:
- Undo/Redo for animation looping
- You can now teleport to parts of the puppet from the animation tracks submenu
- Improved logic for copy/paste animation between the tracks
- Additional zone for scrolling the timeline (you can grab the track itself and start scrolling)
- Displaying the number of the current frame on the controller when you touch the stick on the controller
- Added support for turning shadows on and off from the context menu for all light sources

Fixed in the last 2 weeks:
- Puppet proportions and knees for old scenes
- Fixes in the Tool Keyboard (including a percentage icon)
- Fixes for objects copying in different scenarios
- Improved stability, variety of different other fixes.
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