Improved Performance, Import, Export, Tools and More
September 4th, 2019
In this update, we smashed a lot of bugs, improved tools, visuals, and optimized some aspects of Tvori. Tvori works a bit faster, looks better, and is more reliable now.
We are also updating our documentation—improving descriptions and adding videos. We want to eventually cover all of the functionality and make it approachable.

Here's what we improved in July and August:

Better OBJ & FBX Import
- More stable import of OBJ & FBX files
- Optimizations for skinned meshes

Better FBX Export
Now exports cameras to FBX with the following properties:
- Field of view (animation support)
- Position/Rotation. (animation support)

Exports the light bulb and the projector to FBX with the following properties:
- Type of light (spot/point/directional)
- Color
- Intensity (animation support)
- Spot angle (animation support)
- Position/Rotation/Scale (animation support)

- Now always exports scenes with the directional light (the sun) with color, rotation, and intensity
- General improvements of animation exporting to FBX format

General Improvements
- Launch natively on Oculus when using Tvori on Steam. Opposed to launching with SteamVR
- Added the brush to the main menu
- Added the brush's context menu when pressing the menu button with the brush in hand
- Now possible to drop the brush by clicking on the context button and from the brush's context menu
- Improved visualization of animation curves
- Improved visualization of links
- Improved visualization of bones in the puppet and skinned meshes
- Hovering over a camera on the timeline shows a connection with the camera on a scene
- Sliders show rulers with values' steps
- Allow breaking links for all children from the context menu
- Disallow throwing out joint holders from skinned meshes
- Make it possible to rearrange cameras and viewers on the timeline from the context menu
- Now possible to set "Free move" for last bones in skinned meshes from the context menu
- Hide context menu on the shelf for the text tool
- Added "Reset pose" for bones in skinned meshes from the context menu
- Added undo & redo support for parameters in skinned meshes
- If the chosen project folder doesn't exist — Tvori will use the default project folder in documents
- Showing the version of Tvori on the 2D screen
- Improved visuals for the light bulb and light projector on white scenes
- Turn off bloom from the viewer
- Updated a visual for the viewer
- Added a new blue noise algorithm for shaders with transparency
- Improved the logic for the last color slot
- Showing the current project name in the menu
- Added undo & redo for selection of objects
- Improved positioning of the context menu
- Added close button for all workspace tools
- Added undo & redo for context actions in brushes
- Disable linking to workspace tools, such as the timeline and the materializer
- Change animation controls on the puppet and skinned meshes to red in the record mode
- Added haptic feedback on duplication with the gizmos
- Now possible to spawn locators at the center of a scene
- Now possible to ungroup linked groups
- Now possible to scale the microphone
- Added a new FX—the bullet trail
- Activated support of the opacity for imported models from Poly
- Added support of opacity for the unlit material

    - Optimizations of importing cubemaps (now they're in DXT1 format, converted to RGBA32)
    - Set DXT1 format for imported textures from stuff folder
    - Optimized updating skinned meshes' bounds
    - Optimized generating joint holders for skinned meshes
    - Optimized the x-ray shader on UIs
    - Optimized highlighting

    - Fixed bug with "Make Free" on bones in skinned meshes
    - Fixed the gizmos' move for bones in skinned meshes
    - Fixed black dots on vertices of imported models
    - Fixed problems with applying materials to multi-part models with LODs
    - Fixed hiding of tracks with keys if there are more than 10 of them
    - Fixed wrong near plane on the camera after bringing it back from the trash
    - Fixed problems with skinned meshes on duplication
    - Fixed selection of bones in skinned meshes
    - Fixed appearance of video player buttons on cameras
    - Fixed the problem with the size of skinned meshes linked to animated puppets
    - Fixed grabbing images from the shelf when the material pen is in a hand
    - Fixed problems of getting the material pen on Vive
    - Fixed incorrect FOV value in the first frame on exported videos
    - Fixed puppet's twitches in first frames on exported videos

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