360 Camera & Photos
February 14, 2019
With this update, we focused on improving 360 output. We added a new 360 camera to Shelf that allows making 360 photos and videos. It's now more convenient to make 360 videos and possible to view 360 photos on scenes.
All the improvements and fixes:
— Camera. Made it possible to capture 360 photos
— Saving state of play targets (mode, UI)
— 360 Photos. Injects Metadata (using ExifTool) so the photo is getting recognized as panoramic 360 by viewers and websites such as Facebook
— 360 Photos. Visualizes 360 photos on scenes. See details in the note
— Possible to switch from a regular to 360 camera through a tab on Timeline
— Improved the precision of Locker
— Fixed the problem when it was possible to unlink/re-link some body parts of the body even if the puppet was locked
— Fixed random exceptions when colorizing objects
— Switches off LODs on Shelf
— Fixed the problem when projects were created with "low" quality settings
— Fixed detection of some models as form Poly, that wasn't from Poly
— Made it possible to save the One Hand Rotation mode to the settings when you switch to that mode in VR
— Made it possible to rename scenes
— Improved the layout of Menu
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