User Guide, Snow Effect, and Fixes
December 20, 2018
We made a user guide that you can reference when you're not sure how to do something in Tvori. It's still in the process of refining, so feel free to suggest what we could add or improve or point out on errors.

You can find a snow effect in the latest update! You can make your scenes to snow. Find Snow in Effects pack on Shelf. And the wind controller (also on the shelf) will affect the snow, fire and magic sparks.

We fixed several problems, including the one where if a puppet is linked to another object it becomes unusable.

— Made a user guide
— Added a snow effect. Find it on Shelf under Effects pack
— Added a wind controller. Find it on Shelf under Effects pack
— Fixed incorrect linking of the puppet to other objects
— Fixed the project path string in the settings.ini
— A subtle optimization for Linker when playing an animation on the puppet
— Fixed objects freeze when they're linked to the camera or light tools
— Disallow hotkeys when in the process of exporting videos
— Fixed inability to undo sun rotation right after grabbing it from Menu
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