Fixed Twitching of Cameras & Objects During Playback, Added a Metallic Material, and More
December 11th, 2018
Fixes and improvements in the new update:
  • Fixed an occasional twitching of cameras and other objects during playback of animations recorded in real-time
  • Added a new metallic material (see the picture above). How to assing materials.
  • Hiding locking highlight when exporting videos
  • Added new params in global config Settings.ini. Add ProjectSettings.ini config file
  • Fixed exporting animations of skinned meshes in FBX
  • Hierarchy cleanup when exporting animations in FBX
  • Improved the behavior of saves in the menu
  • Improved locking/unlocking of the puppet parts
  • Saving recorded sounds into "Stuff/Sounds" folder instead of the root
  • Added a message "Exporting" when exporting to FBX/Alembic
  • Hiding gizmo pivot point if an object is released
  • Improved the logic behind Gizmo scale in the snapping mode
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when logging in/out on the Poly shelf
  • Make export to Poly run without authorization each time
  • Fixed the bug when an object can be displaced relative to initial position after scaling
  • Fixed the bug when an object can be inflated when zooming out to min scale
  • Fixed of labels overlay on controllers and microphone tool
  • Showing the progress when exporting sounds
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