Create 3D Art in Virtual Reality
Tvori is like Legos but with more pieces and possible variations. You can create scenes, characters and animate them using simple tools.
You don't require to know anything about the 3D creation prior starting in Tvori. You will learn as you go.

Tvori has a library of simple shapes, props, and effects to use in your creations.
Build a scene like this using simple shapes from the library and several brush strokes. The house was made out of a bunch of stretched and colored cubes. The scene is based on Mustafa Gundam's illustration
Create characters. This character is based on Natasha Floksy's illustration
Make scenes of different styles using primitives along with props from the library. The top left scene is based on Quan Pham Tung's illustration
Draw in 3D with virtual markers, brushes, and pencils
If you have any questions or want to talk with someone from Tvori—feel free to write as at
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