Roadmap 2019. First Half of the Year
Main tasks for the first half of 2019
January—March of 2019

Familiarize first-time users with how to work in Tvori—use VR controllers, navigate themselves, and animate


Make it possible to change proportions of body parts
Add new presets of puppets with different proportions

Animation Timeline, 1/2

Make it easier to jump between keys, add keys on Timeline, control time, possible to lock timelines, and more
Make it apparent how to set inbetweening of key frames (stepped, linear, bezier)

Activation & Deactivation on Timeline
Make it possible to set visibility of objects on Timeline during play


Add new materials
Make it possible to set materials and colors to strokes & effects

April—June of 2019

Animation Timeline, 2/2
Make it easy to navigate, edit multiple keys, and to make looped animations
Optimize it so it doesn't cause lags when selecting objects with large amount of keys, editing, or zooming

Saving & Loading

Make it possible to save characters and groups of objects and re-use them on other scenes
Support seamless auto-saves and backups


Add access to characters and groups of objects made in Tvori so it's possible to use them in any scene in a project
Make it easier to navigate between different packs of objects and to move it around without clicking on something by accident (applies to other workspace tools such as Timeline)

Add new scenes showing different aspects and use cases of Tvori in distinct styles
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