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Improvements & Fixes
  • It's possible to move and rotate cameras, lights, projectors, and play areas with gizmos
  • Switching materials for containers
  • Objects that you lock with Lock tool are now saving their state of being locked to a scene, so you don't have to lock them again after opening a scene you were working on before where the objects had been locked
  • It's possible now to bend a chain of objects linked together using Gizmo
  • Animate multiple objects at the same time with gizmos when in recording mode
  • Made gizmo handles more precise on a group of selected objects
  • Improved the way Mixed Reality controllers vibrate
  • Gizmos are turned off by default now so if you're using Tvori for the first time you will not grab them by accident
  • Gizmo handles are hiding if you are holding an object
  • Gizmo handles on multiple selected objects are aligned by world axis
  • Puppet pieces are locked by default on Shelf now
  • You can use as many cameras as you would like on a scene now. Before the limit was 10 cameras
  • Sun. It's possible now to animate and edit animations of the sun, save them and load correctly.
  • Made selecting and copying of puppet parts work correctly
  • Made getting objects out of Shelf work correctly in cases when objects' pivots are set far away from the actual model. It often happened with imported sculpted from Oculus Medium
  • Fixed incorrect undo/redo of manipulation with Gizmo controls on a selection of objects made with the selection sphere
  • It's possible to undo/redo locking of objects
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